Saturday, November 21, 2009

McMurry falls

Sorry for the radio technical difficulties, McMurry loses 88-72 to No. 15 Wheaton, we'll try to have our issues figured out for the radio doubleheader Saturday in Pineville, La. Women's game tips off at 1 p.m. and men at 3 p.m.

Wheaton builds keeps insurmountable lead

With under four minutes to play McMurry trails by 15 points at 80-65 to No. 15 Wheaton College.

Need a spurt in the worst way ...

McMurry has been able to string together consecutive buckets in the second half a couple of different times, however, Wheaton is always there to counter. Now, with under 10 minutes to play, the Thunder still have a 14-point lead and McMurry desperately needs stops on defense as well as quality shots on the offensive end, which haven't been coming easy.

Wheaton 68 McMurry 54 with 9:11 to play ...

Back to basketball ...

Wheaton is continuing its dominance over McMurry in the Lee Pfund Classic in Wheaton, Ill. Trailing by 12 points at half, the Thunder haven't missed a step and McMurry can't gain any ground, especially with their dismal shooting effort from the free-throw line (3 of 15 so far). McMurry trails 60-46 with 13:13 remaining in the game.

Lee Driggers

One of the great things about the men's basketball trip to Wheaton, Ill. has been reconnecting with former McMurry baseball coach Lee Driggers. Driggers re-birthed the baseball program in 1996 and coached the first 13 years leaving following his fourth ASC title in 2008. Driggers compiled more than 300 wins at McMurry and will be known for his work and commitment to the school and the program. He took the head coaching job at Wheaton College following the 2008 season, and it worked out well for he and his wife Sharon because their son Austin had just agreed to play football at Wheaton from Abilene's Cooper High School.

Everywhere Drigers has gone as a baseball coach including a AA coaching stint with the Pittsburg Pirates, he's been a winner. So it was no surprise last season when he not only took the Thunder to their first ever conference tournament appearance, but took them to the championship game as well.

Driggers admits advantages to both places when he's compared Wheaton and McMurry. Wheaton's facilities overall are incredible and the athletics facilities are top grade. However, as far as baseball is concerned, it would be hard to beat Walt Driggers Field on McMurry's campus because it is one, if not the, premiere NCAA Division III baseball facility in the nation. However, Driggers has already begun fund-raising work to help improve the baseball facilities, much like his efforts to build the field named after his uncle in Abilene.

All in all, Driggers is a good man, and he now carries his influences to the students, faculty and staff at Wheaton.

Good luck coach, it's been good to catch up, and you have been missed.

Half Stats

Wheaton Points leaders:

Andrew Jahns - 14 points
Tim McCrary - 14 points

McMurry Points leaders:

Jeremie Hart - 7 points
Tim Harrison - 7 points

Wheaton Rebound Leaders:

Tim McCrary - 4 rebounds

McMurry Rebound Leaders:

Three players tied with two

Wheaton Assist Leaders:

Stephen Pierotti - 3 assists

McMurry Assist Leaders:

Three tied with two assists

Team Field Goal Percentage
McMurry - 64 percent (16-25)
Wheaton - 69.6 percent (16-23)

Team Free Throw Percentage
McMurry - 23.1 (3-13)
Wheaton - 77.8 (14-18)

Team 3-point Percentage
McMurry - 33.3 (2-6)
Wheaton - 60.0 (3-5)

Don't forget the live stats link

Once again the radio broadcast is not working, so we're keeping up on the blog. Wheaton's web site is also powered by ICS, so you can keep up with us on live stats at this link by clicking here.

McMurry trails 49-37 at halftime of the championship game of the Lee Pfund Classic.

Fighting back ...

McMurry trailed by as many as 19 points at 35-16 in favor of Wheaton. However, McMurry went on an 11-2 run capped by a cutting layup in traffic by Tommy Lane to make the score 37-27 in favor of Wheaton. The on an apparent block TIm Harrison was called for a foul, reacted poorly and was given a technical foul. Wheaton responded with three of the four free-throws. Steven Luckey countered with a 3-pointer with 2:30 left and McMurry trails 40-32 with 2:19 to go ...

McMurry men's basketball vs. Wheaton updates

Isn't technology wonderful? Last night we broadcast the game from Wheaton, Ill. with no problem, tonight we plug in the radio equipment, and it won't work.

I have spent the entire game trying to get the radio equipment to work, so I don't know really what's been happening other than the fact that Wheaton is showing why they are ranked No. 15 in the country as the Thunder leads McMurry 37-23 in the championship game of the Lee Pfund Classic.

More details in a moment ...