Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senior Diary: Danielle Kelton recaps Colorado College Tournament experience

This past week we had the opportunity to go to Colorado Springs, CO for our second tournament of the season. We had four games this weekend and went 2-2. This weekend was a great weekend for out team. Although we lost two of the games we grew together as a team and became stronger on and off the court. We played several very good volleyball teams, one in which was Puget Sounds the number 14th team in the nation. Having the opportunity to play against these teams really helped in our preparation for our first conference game this Tuesday in Brownwood.

The coaches are always wonderful not only in taking all 23 of us on each trip so we can stay unified but also giving us the opportunity to see new and exciting places. We left Wednesday afternoon and drove all 11 hours to Colorado. The next day they took us to the Olympic Training Center, we watched a video and took a tour of the training center and were able to see some male gymnasts training. Seeing and hearing how hard each of them have to train each day really inspired me to work hard in everything I do. There was a quote on the wall that read: “Practice like you are the worst, play like you are the best” –anonymous. I really think this is the kind of mindset we should all have this season. We are preparing this week for Howard Payne on Tuesday in Brownwood.

--Danielle Kelton

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