Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Four - Time and Time again

Less than 10 hours after the last person left the field last night, or less than nine hours after the SID left the press box, the McMurry Football team is at it again with its last half-pads practice before full-contact, full-pads Sunday night. Today's practice has very little deviation from last night. The warmups, which could be considered more like drills always stay the same at practice throughout the year with Mumme and crew and it takes about 30 minutes before they move on.

There was a lot of chatter today on the one-on-one drills between receivers and defensive backs. These kids love to compete and it's easy to get excited when everyone is trying make names for themselves. Right now, they've begun Bandit drill again with Jake Mullin under center for the offense and the "ones." I've seen the defense "sack" Mullin now twice in the first five plays. Stephen Warren ran with the second team last night, and then led a drive with the "ones," I expect the same again.

The players will go through meetings following practice, but won't be active again until tomorrow night's full-pads practice at 7:30 p.m. That is always a big night for any collegiate football team, and we'll be back with videos and photos once again.

Hope you've enjoyed the coverage thus far, and here is the link to the DAY FOUR PHOTO GALLERY.

Stay tuned ...

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