Friday, August 13, 2010

Half Pads - Half way to fun

Let's face it, half pads is much better to watch than just helmets, however, it's still about half as fun as watching the full-pads practice and everything starts to come together. But, just 48 hours from now we'll have completed our first full-pads practice, and there was some contact tonight. The position drills at the beginning of practice were geared up a notch and the defensive conclusion of the infamous Packer Day Drill was a little tougher on the defensive players with half pads. Tonight also marked the first times that the team ran "Bandit" drill. It's an 11-on-11 drill where the offense runs 44 plays in 25 minutes. This drill is the essence of the Air Raid Offense and does a good job of preparing the defense for a no-huddle style offense. The quarterbacks and receivers get plays on the fly from the O.C. Matt Mumme - no matter the result of the play, the ball is moved forward to the next 10-yard line. Tonight Coach Mumme told the team that they were "far from perfect" but once again, he was pleased with the effort.

To speculate for a second - there is already a difference between 2009 and 2010 in a couple of areas. To the average fan, which I consider myself when it comes to knowledge, the offense and defense is already much more fluid with the amount of returnees back. The other noticeable thing is the amount of size, speed and strength that the newcomers have added, not to mention the physical improvements of the returning players after an off-season with the Mumme staff.

Tonight's practice ran a little late, so we didn't have as much time to edit video as we did before, but we hope you enjoy what you see. Here is the link to the DAY THREE PHOTO GALLERY.

I'll be at practice at 8:30 a.m. - but will only be taking a few stills and then preparing for the first full-pads practice Sunday night.
Stay tuned ...

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