Monday, August 16, 2010

Introducing Gary Rhodes ...

As much as I love taking pictures and sorting through hundreds of them to give you around 30, it's always my pleasure to turn the job of action photos to the professionals. As I mentioned briefly last night, Brian Schmidt, our photographer from last year took a full-time job and is no longer with us. Let me be the first to say that I thought Brian did an excellent job of enhancing our athletics imagery last year on the web site and through publication. So now, we bring in some new blood, Gary Rhodes, an ACU grad like myself has agreed to come on board and shoot football and the other sports for us this season. Although these are a little belated, I think you'll be pleased with his work like I was. Here is a link to the DAY FIVE GALLERY and the shots as always, are available for purchase.

You'll be stuck with my inferior eye and camera tonight, but we'll make do. Thanks to all of you who have supported us this season by buying photos. It helps pay for the annual fees and bells and whistles of

We'll see you tonight!
Stay tuned ...

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