Saturday, August 29, 2009

Senior Diary: Ken Wheeler excited about the upcoming cross country season

As our season is starting up there are already a lot of high expectations, a team packed with seniors, ranked 8th in the preseason regional rankings, and a great shot at a conference title that has been just barely out of reach for 9 years. I personally feel the pressure of competition because of a back injury that kept me out of track and slowed my summer training. These past few weeks though have been phenomenal as we met the new freshman and caught back up with old teammates. As our first meet is approaching, I'm sure one thing that is on everyone's mind is how will they individually compare to the competition and how will we as a team compete. Through it all, though, Coach [David] Chandler keeps our spirits focused on the bigger picture with this season's kind of unofficial slogan "run free." Free from all the worry and stress, and simply praising God with our gifts as we empty our hearts into the sport we love........Though it seems far away now, the big meets will be here before we know it, and I look forward to updating everyone on what amazing things God is doing in our lives and on our teams.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's press conference.

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