Saturday, August 15, 2009

Training Camp Central: Players Put Pads on, check video, gallery

Tonight was a fun night from a spectator's perspective, and I'll bet it was enjoyable for the players too. McMurry wore shoulder pads tonight, so the lines on both sides of the ball were able to be more physical with each other and the one-on-one drills became more fierce. The intensity was up and the 11-on-11 drill where the team runs 44 plays in 25 minutes was a cool way to see how quickly the Air Raid Offense will move. You'll get to see coach Mumme explain the drill in tonight's YouTube Video and you'll see several plays from one march down the field. At quarterback on video was Jake Mullin. Mullin is a junior but played baseball exclusively his first two years at McMurry, which would make him a sophomore. As of now, he and Landry Gunter are alternating with the first-team offense.

Ricky Jimenez is pictured as tonight's photo, check out the rest of the gallery here.

And of course, here's the video, pretty lengthy tonight because I show a lot of footage of Mumme explaining the drill and seven to eight plays as Mullin marches the offense down the field.

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