Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teaff wants pre-game handshakes between players

A lot of you may not know, but Grant Teaff (pictured from a McMurry yearbook when he was the head coach) is still a big name in NCAA football. He played at McMurry, was the head coach from 1960-65, and went on to have a long coaching career including a head coaching stint with Baylor University. Now, Teaff is the president of the American Football Coaches Association that governs all the NCAA Football programs at any division. ESPN reported an article saying that Teaff is pushing for teams to introduce a pre-game hand shake between both players and coaches. Coaches are now required to shake hands before and after the game (most do anyway), and Teaff hopes that all NCAA football programs will try the pre-game hand shake before the first game of the season, although it isn't mandatory.

Read the story in its entirety.

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