Sunday, August 16, 2009

First senior diary - Seth Waller - and a link to an Abilene Reporter News Column

First, the Abilene Reporter News' Bill Hart writes a Sunday column about various people who have played or are playing sports professionally, collegiately or at the high school level. Usually he connects people to the Big Country area or mentions former players and coaches who used to be connected with Abilene or its surrounding area and where they are now. Today, he pulled some info from my story on Hal Mumme and Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

Read the column here.

And now ... drumroll ... the first senior diary of 2009. This is something that I hope becomes a major feature on this blog. I am going to work with all the athletics programs at McMurry to get an upperclassmen, and a senior preferably to write at least an entry a week on this blog to tell about their experiences as a McMurry athlete.

Seth Waller, a senior tight end, has been kind enough to share this week. I asked him to do a little more than once a week during training camp, but we'll fully understand if he's unable to. Otherwise, once the season starts, look for Seth's weekly blog entry early in the week.

But without further delay, here is what Seth had to say about the first three days of camp in his final season with McMurry's football team.

First day of camp went very well. Effort was great and the new guys picked up on the new offense quickly. With an offense that installs in only three days, day one was a big learning day for many new players. With our first scrimmage in one week versus NMMI in Lubbock, we have to get busy and go to work everyday.

Day two began with our weight workout and more meetings. Practice again went well and defense came out ready to work vs. the offense. Day two of installing the offense picked up right where day one left off and with practice and repetition, we will be well on our way to the number one offense in the conference. The Freshman and transfers are working hard to fight for a spot and the right to earn a white helment.

Day three opened up with our first day of half pads and we were anxious to get out and have a little more contact. Our offense is now in and again we will need to rep and continue to practice hard everyday. Now comes cleaning up the offense and perfecting every play. Day four is going to bring tired minds and sore bodies. Mental toughness will be key to good practices and to keep our camp going strong.

Look for more photos, and a short video tonight!


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